150 Area Boy Scouts Attend Ecumenical Service At Christ UMC

Scouts are reverent and to stress these values that the organization has instilled in young boys for over a century, an annual ecumenical service was held. This year, it was hosted at the Christ United Methodist Church in Mountain Top, drawing in about 150 scouts and their families from all over Northeastern Pennsylvania.

“It’s a district event planned to bring everyone together and to emphasize that scouts are reverent,” explained Ryan Murray, senior district executive of the Two Mountains District, the governing body of the Northeastern Pa Council of Boy Scouts.

At the Feb. 5 service, scouts filled the pews of the church with their parents as some Mountain Top scouts prepared to read scripture and provide beautiful music, by violin and voice.

For decades, the Two Mountains District has been organizing the annual ecumenical service as well as “Scout Sunday,” a day where all scouts are asked to attend a church service and reflect on their religion.

“We used to bounce back between Catholic and Protestant churches,” Ryan said, “but now we’re trying to bring in other churches to show their differences. But, the core concepts are always the same –to help others, to follow the commandments…”

Last year, the service was held at a Byzantine church in Wilkes-Barre and next year Ryan hopes to have a Jewish service at a Synagogue. “One of our goals is to show diversity of religion and last year it was well received,” Ryan related. “A lot of scouts didn’t understand the Byzantine rite. It was almost like an educational meeting or service.”

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