Magisterial District Court Report
Resisting Arrest, Public Drunkenness

Stephen M. Dembeck, 29, 28 Beechcrest Ln, White Haven, has been charged with Resisting Arrest, Public Drunkenness, Disorderly Conduct, and Obstructing Administration of Law. Charges were filed on December 5, 2015 by Officer Richton J. Penn, White Haven Police Department.

According to the Affidavit of Probable Cause, Officer Penn was monitoring traffic on Middleburg Road at Seventh Street when he clocked a silver sedan at 54 mph on a posted 25 mph zone. He caught up with the vehicle at Red Shale Pit and activated the red lights. The vehicle continued and did not stop. The officer followed the vehicle until it came to a stop at 28 Beech Crest Lane.

After advising the county of the stop, the officer approached and spoke to the driver later identified as Doreen Dembeck. A strong odor of a malt beverage emitted from the vehicle. The passenger, who was later identified as Stephen Dembeck sitting in the passenger seat, was loud and asking what was the problem. After getting Doreen’s information, the officer directed them both to remain in the vehicle. Upon reproach, the officer requested Doreen to exit the vehicle.

Stephen got out of the passenger side of the vehicle. The officer directed Stephen to get back in the car. After he got back in the car, but then looked out the driver window.

The officer conducted a standardized field sobriety test on Doreen. While taking her into custody, Stephen got out of the vehicle. Officer Penn told him to get back in the car as he started yelling and approached in the officer’s direction. The officer directed him to get back in the car two more times, then the officer told him that he was under arrest.

Stephen then said no and that he was going in his home. He then walked toward his house as the officer told him he was under arrest. He then tried to close the door on Officer Penn who forced his way in and told him to put his hands behind his back. We then started wrestling. The officer requested assistance from the county. The officer forced him to the ground but he fought and got back up. The officer then told him he was going to be tasered as the two wrestled going out of the house. Doreen then got in between Stephen and the officer while they were fighting. The officer attempted to taser Stephen again but it had no affect. The first cartridge deflected with no contact. The second cartridge deployed but did not have any affect. The two continued to fight back to the house and falling through the deck railing three feet to the ground. The officer finally got Stephen to comply and place his hands behind his back. After being cuffed, he was placed in the back of the patrol car.

A preliminary hearing has been scheduled February 17, 2016 at 10 a. m. before Magisterial District Judge Ronald Swank.