St. Jude School

PREVENTION EDUCATION PRESENTED AT ST. JUDE’S-The PreKindergarten through fourth grade students at St. Jude School recently participated in child safety and bullying programs presented by Kelly Gibbons, Prevention Education Specialist with the Victims Resource Center. Ms. Gibbons was accompanied by her puppet friend, Sydney Sunshine, who interacted with the students about these important topics. The child safety program for PreK through first grades focused on the concept of safe/unsafe touches, keeping secrets, and the safety rule of No-Go-Tell. The second through fourth grades program included a reading from the WIERD series of books by Erin Frankel on bullying. This was followed by discussion and activities related to this issue from the bully victim’s point of view, the bystander’s point of view, and from the bully’s point of view. Shown from left are Kindergarten students: Miles McShea, Jack Truschel, Eric Strish, Henry Muller, and Charlie Buzas. Row two: Audrey Rymar, Clare Grandzol, Rhea Mascarenhas, Zoe Pray, and Krish Bajaj. Back: Gavin Serock, Luke Gordon, Gibbons, Nora Jerabek, and Jessica Powis.