‘Blind Date’ With A Book At Marian Sutherland Kirby Library

During the month of February the Marian Sutherland Kirby Library will fix you up with a blind date; a literary one. Pick up a “date” from either of the “Blind Date with a Book” displays for adults and teens, check it out, and take it home to unwrap and reveal your surprise date!

Your date might be fiction or nonfiction; a romance, a classic, or thriller or who knows? Some large print options will be available also. Get acquainted with your date by reading the book and fill out the enclosed “Rate Your Date” form and return it to the library. The completed forms will be on display for all to read and will be entered into a prize drawing for all the adventurous patrons who took a chance on finding a match!

Your date may be disappointing or you might get lucky and find a new literary love! If you hate your date you can return the book with no hurt feelings. Go on as many dates as you like but all “Rate Your Date” forms must be returned by Saturday, March 5.

For more information, contact 570-474-9313.