Intramural Basketball

INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL UNDERWAY AT ST. JUDE’S-The St. Jude School gym is a busy place on Saturday mornings through February. That’s when six teams of the kindergarten through second grade students are participating in the intramural basketball program sponsored by the school’s sports association. Parents volunteer as coaches and referees and conduct games and practice sessions for the students while working on the basic skills of shooting, passing, and dribbling. Shown, front from left, are members of the orange and grey teams: Henry Muller, Collin Brenner, and Luis Ortiz. Row two: Raymond Mazur, Cali Glaser, Giada Alberti, and Lillian Muller. Row three: Jessica Powis, Eva Martin, Hayley Keiser, Jordan Paulshock, Camden Brownell, and Miles McShea. Back: Coaches Bob Powis, Raymond Mazur, and Rose Martin.