2015 Patients of the Year

CARDIAC REHABILITATION PATIENTS RECEIVE AWARD-Faith Chipeleski and Eric Matukonis were recently honored as the 2015 Patients of the Year by the cardiac rehabilitation staff at the Health & Wellness Center at Hazleton. The cardiac rehab staff identified Chipeleski and Matukonis as having shown exemplary effort in achieving their cardiac goals by lifestyle changes and proving to be very active in modifying risk factors. They embraced smart eating and exercise programs, making those efforts part of their daily life. The cardiac rehabilitation center is located at the Health & Wellness Center, 50 Moisey Drive, Hazleton and incorporates 20 education topics into weekly classes that include risk factors, medication, dining out, food labels and more. It has been proven that cardiac rehabilitation patients can feel better and live healthier lives when combining exercise, education and behavior modification. All cardiac rehabilitation patients must be referred by a physician. For more information please contact the center at 570 -501-6953. Shown, from left: Corinne Stone, exercise physiologist; Eric Matukonis, 2015 Patient of the Year; Mary T. Alimecco, RN -director of cardiac services; Faith Chipeleski, 2015 Patient of the Year; and Amanda Sperduto, exercise physiologist.