Tax Hike

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him in November the board debated his appointment due to concerns of conflict with family member’s employment.

The matter was rekindled late in the January meeting on a motion from Director Maureen McGovern revoking Thomas’ appointment and nominating Aigeldinger to the post. Thomas asked Solicitor Dean what statute is being cited to support the revocation. Dean declared that he was asked to prepare a confidential memorandum on the matter.

Throughout the discussion, directors expressed contradictory opinions. Finally, Director Ken Malkemes, who was also recognized for 8 years of service, asked why he was not given the solicitor’s opinion until the meeting.

“This memo should have been

provided to us a little sooner than right now. We should have received this 5 days before the meeting –not today.”

In strong agreement, Norb Dotzel interjected, “Absolutely. This is a witch hunt.” Pointing at President Aigeldinger, Dotzel continued, “This man is out for blood! We get nothing from this board, nothing.”

Thomas retorted that conflicts are nothing new on a school board, “I am being singled out. It is what it is.”

Jones stepped in, “I’m going to make a motion to table this ‘revote’ for further discussion.” The motion was unanimously supported and the meeting was promptly adjourned.

The next meeting is scheduled for February 18th at 6:30 pm.