Piano And Voice Recital

PIANO AND VOICE RECITAL-The Northeast Pa. Music Teachers Association recently sponsored a piano and voice recital at Gies Hall, Darte Hall, Wilkes University, Wilkes-Barre. Mountaintop area teachers whose students performed in the event include: Laura Anderson, Andrea Bogusko, Judith Katra, all three served as Masters of Ceremony, and Michele Millington. Performers for the evening’s recital, shown front from left: Melanie Golden, Mountaintop; Vaughn Kutish, Ciana Cruz, Daria Clarke, Owen Kline, Mountaintop; and Will Potera. Row two: Emily Schadder, Mountaintop; Mariam Iukuritze, Gwyn Cruz, Claire Stretanski, Kevin Caffrey, Dante Passeri, Mountaintop; Nicole Wert, Mountaintop; Alexandra Ayers, Mountaintop,; and Emily Fleming. Back: Reagan Venturi, Mountaintop; Katherine Pudish, Alex Kline, Mountaintop; Chloe Lacoste, Mountaintop; James Lanning, Mikayla Dove, Mountaintop; Penney Croke, Mountaintop; Megan Croke, Mountaintop; Gabby Leri, Mountaintop; and Layla Howell, Mountaintop. Also performing were Brendan Cocherell, Mia Karcutskie, and Jillian Lynn.