Malfunctioning Traffic Signal Repaired In Wright Twp.

Wright Township residents who recently complained of a malfunctioning traffic light and the dangers of faded stop lines at that intersection were given good news at the Jan. 11 Board of Supervisors meeting.

The light, at the intersection of South Mountain Boulevard and Crestwood Drive, has been fixed and new lines will be painted there in April, related Supervisor Donald Zampetti.

At the board’s November meeting, residents of Brook Hollow reported that the light, for cars exiting Crestwood Drive, remains red for an extended time and that the green arrow, allowing cars to exit left onto Route 309, comes on for only five seconds. This creates a dangerous situation as cars and tractor trailers leaving the industrial park speed to make the green and avoid the long wait.

Northeast Signal, at the request of the board, inspected the light, found minor repairs needed to be made, and fixed it, Zampetti said. “Everyone tells me its working properly,” he added.

Jill Dillon, of Brook Hollow, also told board members in November that the painted lines at the intersection no longer exist. Vehicles, especially tractor trailers, sit beyond where it is safe –because they have no painted line to guide their stop –which has nearly caused collisions several times.

Zampetti reported Jan. 11 that the board received three bids from three companies and has agreed to have Universal Line Painting install new markings at the intersection. With the

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