At Emmanuel UCC, The Wise Men Still Seek Him

In preparation for the “perfect” Christmas, we search for many things –the perfect gifts to give, the perfect foods for our Christmas dinners, the perfect songs to get us in the mood, the perfect Christmas cards to send, even the perfect guest list to make the perfect party. But do we really find perfection? Or does all this searching leave us with feelings of imperfection and emptiness?

In order to find the perfect gift, perhaps we should look to the perfect giver –our Father in Heaven. God knew exactly the perfect gift which was needed to bring true perfection to our world –the gift of his only son, Jesus.

On January 6, Christians celebrate Epiphany, the day the wise men found the baby Jesus and gave him their extravagant gifts in homage to a newborn King. They had been seeking him for approximately two years and had probably put a lot of thought into finding the perfect gift for this baby. They brought gold as a proper tribute befitting the new king; frankincense which was a sweet incense only allowed to be burned in religious ceremonies and signifying the child’s future role as the anointed one of God; and myrrh –a fragrance used to prepare bodies for burial, foretelling the child’s future. Although their gifts were luxurious, those wise men also understood that a greater gift had been given to them and to the whole world in the birth of this small child.

The gift of life everlasting had come from heaven. That is the perfect gift and the one which we all should seek. Come begin the new year at Emmanuel as we seek for the perfect gift together.

Sunday worship service is at 10:30 am and is led by Rev. Ken Newhook, our Interim Pastor. We welcome visitors and friends to join us for worship every Sunday.

Upcoming events:

Dec. 30 –Chancel Choir at 7pm

Jan. 3 –Sunday School at 9am; Teen Talk at 9 am; and Sunday Communion Worship at 10:30 am

Jan. 6 –Kid’s Choir at 6:30 pm; Chancel Choir at 7 pm

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