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are applied to grades 3 through 8. Preliminary results were made available on the district’s website; final results were available to the public in September.

Physical plant improvements were reviewed throughout the school year including repairs to the roof, renovation and resurfacing of the parking lots and most ambitious, the district allocated $582,568.92 to replace the football stadium turf.

The marching band acquired a new director, Janelle Decker, with just enough time to prepare for the football season. Parents commended the new leader for her skills and stamina during the 10-hour summer days prepping for the busy fall band season.

In October the board and parents were provided a power point presentation providing an assessment of Crestwood students grade 3 through 8 evaluations based on state and national level testing. The presentation, also available for review on the website, showed both Fairview and Rice Elementary Schools’ rating. Again Waite summarized, “The Crestwood School District continues to maintain a quality academic program as compared by local, state and national measures.”

The board also approved a tentative agreement with the Crestwood Education Association at that session.

In November three school director-elects joined the audience in discouraging the board from voting on a new superintendent until December when a new board would take the majority.

While the 8 present board members listened politely, they were peppered with many questions pertaining to the motion on the Agenda appointing Fairview Principal Margaret “Peg” Foster.

Directors-elect Joe Kaminski, Ron Sturgeon and Bill Jones all tried to dissuade the board from voting on a new superintendent.

Citing the advertisements’ notice that proper certifications would be necessary at the time of hiring, multiple queries were raised as to qualification and credentials needed to meet the ad’s requirements. This was quickly questioned regarding Ms. Foster’s current state certifications.

In the end three board members voted “no” in November: Eric Aigeldinger, Michael Marshall and Maureen McGovern casting the dissenting votes.

December’s re-organization meeting found Aigeldinger appointed to the presidency and he, along with directors, Maureen McGovern and Randy Swank; joined by newly seated Bill Jones, Joe Kaminski and Ron Sturgeon rescinded the appointment and advised that going forward the position would be re-advertised.