St. Jude School

ST. JUDE STUDENTS COMPLETE ‘LIVING MY FAITH’ CALENDARS-The seventh grade students at St. Jude School have been focusing on living their faith day by day. Over a period of one month, students were to complete one act of kindness or one faithful act each day. They were to keep track of their good deeds on a poster containing a description and a graphic for each good act. Examples of their acts varied from simple to more time-consuming including helped Dad paint, donated books to the library, surprised Mom with flowers, took up the gifts at Mass, baked cookies for a cousin in college, held door for older person, cleaned up litter, stood up for a person who was being bullied, and was an altar server. Shown from left kneeling: Aaliyeh Sayed, Tea Amerise, and Sarah Stettler. Back: Reilly Smullen, Jimmy Lavan, Lauren Patrick, and Raymond Sabatini.