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The draft plan notes the most cost effective plan is using the siphon method. If Options B or C is used, the lake would have to be drawdown 6.5 feet below the crest of the spillway. The time for the water level to reach the normal watermark would be dependent upon the amount of rainfall received after the work is completed. In addition, the dry hydrants around the lake will be inoperable until the water level reaches the point for them to be operable again.

Following Pasonick’s report, board chair Marcia Thomas and Supervisor Bob Pipech approved a resolution to apply for the Local Share Account (Gaming) Grant for all necessary repairs to the Ice Lakes Dam. Supervisor Miller Sella was absent. Pipech was appointed to execute all necessary documents.

Thomas stated the township is seeking funds through Senator Lisa Baker and will contact Rep. Gerald Mullery as well. She emphasized DEP has to review the plan.

Pasonick explained that if DEP is in agreement with the plan, his firm will begin drawing out a design plan and then prepare bid documents, adding there may be some confirmation within a month.

Pipech stated he is not in favor of a 12 inch siphon and wants two 6 inch, explaining “the volume of water is horrendous through a 12 inch pipe”.

Ice Lakes resident Marty Wentz thanked the board for their support.

Pipech noted there will be no ice skating this year.

In other business, the board agreed to pay $300 annually for a Survey Monkey Gold Membership with which the township can conduct a Community Survey and collect resident data for Gypsy Moth Spraying. The township is looking into costs for a private spray contractor. Interested residents can sign up through a Survey Monkey link that will be posted to their website shortly. Residents not wishing to use the Survey Monkey website may pick up forms from the township secretary.

Thomas explained this is the best plan on the municipal level to access interest. Township secretary Alicia Stier has found a sprayer who will not hurt the bees for those with that concern.

The final leaf collection total from the Road Department this year is 1,928 bags, down from 3,878 bags collected last year, the difference probably due to the gypsy moths. Residents can no longer bring leaves to the recycling center due to an anonymous complaint made to DEP. Rice Township will not continue the program next year since they have joined the COG. Due to the increased cost to the township and the COG, residents who want to be part of the leaf pick-up in 2016 will have to purchase a $10 permit and register with the township.

The board also approved a Resolution for a Gaming Grant in the amount of $135,000 and appointed Pipech to execute all documents on behalf of the COG for a pole barn with an office and three bays. Each municipality will be responsible for $13,500.

Police Chief Bob Franks reported his department had 168 incidents which included 95 complaints, four accidents and two criminal arrests.

With the snow season coming, the Police Department reminds residents to remove all portable basketball hoops and refrain from parking on township roads or rights-of-way during storms.

The Board of Supervisors will hold its reorganization meeting on Monday, January 4, 2016 at 7 p. m. and the first regular meeting of the board will be held immediately following.