by helping people.

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“People thank us all the time. It reminds me how happy I am to come to work every day and how much I love my job,” offers Jessica.

I know we are providing a wonderful service for our patents and doing it on our terms,” added Sonya. “Being partners makes those everyday hassles easier. “

Sonya and Jessica are hoping to maintain the same quality of customer service that has always been a part of the Crestwood Pharmacy, and are considering some improvements to the interior of the building. They have added some gift items for sale and are looking to expand some of their services, such as offering travel vaccines and a weekly pillbox service.

“We want to remain dedicated to patients and remain advocates for patients. It is not just about pills, but we also provide advice, listen to their concerns and just be there for them,” explained Sonya.

The women agree that having each other has made the transition easier, and makes the day to day of running a business easier.

“It’s a lot, but having each other is also great,” offered Jessica.

Mylet agrees.

“Jess and I have been working together for a while throughout the whole process, and it is exciting to venture into this together. We balance each other out.”

“We were nervous about if it would work, if the patents would trust us as the new owners,” continued Sonya. “We have a great patient base and great customers. They are our family and our neighbors.”