Mylet, Orloski New Owners Of Crestwood Pharmacy
CRESTWOOD PHARMACY has been under new ownership for the past year. Jessica Orloski and Sonya Mylet purchased the Crestwood Pharmacy from long time owners, Jim and Mark Hanlon.

You may not be aware, but the Crestwood Pharmacy has been under new ownership for the past year, taken over by two former employees upon the retirement of sibling proprietors, Jim and Mark Hanlon.

Sonya Mylet and Jessica Orloski both interned at the pharmacy under the watchful eye of the Hanlons while students at Wilkes University, and were later hired as employees. Just a few years later, the women decided to partner and make the leap from being pharmacists to owning a pharmacy.

“It is a huge leap in business management,” said Jessica. “But I feel we are more of a benefit to patients on a individual basis. There is no red tape as there is in a corporate setting, so nobody is telling us we can’t do something that we feel someone needs. We are able to work with each person individually and that feels much more personal.”

Both graduates of Crestwood High School, the women say that their main reason for going into pharmacy was the unique ability to be involved in helping people in the medical field while still being allowed the flexibility to raise a family.

“I knew I wanted to help people in the health care field, but didn’t want to be a doctor where it was my entire life,” said Sonya. “I knew I wanted a family, and this allowed me the flexibility to do both –to help people on a daily basis and still be able to go home when the kids needed me.”

Both women credit the Hanlons for influencing their careers early, and mentoring them through the transition. Sonya, whose high school chemistry teacher had originally pointed her in the direction of pharmaceuticals, shadowed at the Crestwood Pharmacy and then interned there during college. Jessica also interned during her college career, and both women eventually became employees of the pharmacy.

“We appreciate the guidance that Mark and Jim gave us,” remarked Sonya. “They are great mentors and great leaders, and we appreciate this opportunity to serve our patients.”

Jessica relates that the biggest challenge she and Sonya face as owners of the pharmacy, in addition to building maintenance and increased paperwork, is dealing with insurance companies to obtain approval for certain prescriptions or treatments. She would also like to see clearer and faster communication with physicians and easier access to patient medical history. Both understand those challenges,

however, and both Jessica and Sonya explains that they pale in comparison to the feeling of satisfaction they get