Ice Lakes Dam Repair Plan Presented At Rice Meeting

Residents packed the meeting room of the Rice Township Board of Supervisors on December 1, many of whom attended the monthly meeting in anticipation of hearing a plan to repair a damaged discharge pipe that sits below the spillway of the dam at the Upper Ice Lakes. The leak has caused the lake level to drop significantly over the past three months.

Township engineer Andy Pasonick’s firm has been working a plan for the township to install a new operating discharge valve that can control the flow. Pasonick presented the Draft Plan of Investigation that outlined three dewatering options. Option A is to install an inflatable coffer dam measuring eight feet high and 110 feet long. The estimated dewatering and construction cost for Option A is $84,525. Option B is to install pumps, one 24” pump, two 18” pumps and four 12“ pumps which would dewater the lake at approximately six inches a day for about two weeks. The total dewatering and construction cost is $78,775. Option C is to install four 12” diameter schedule 40 siphon lines and dewater the lake at about six inches per day for around two weeks. Each siphon line is approximately 100 feet and will include necessary fittings and valves. The estimated dewatering and construction cost for Option C is $53,475.