St. Jude School

ST. JUDE KINDERGARTEN CELEBRATES APPLE WEEK-The Kindergarten students at St. Jude School enjoyed one of the best scents of the season during Apple Week. It was the scent of homemade applesauce made the old-fashioned way. Since most students were used to simply buying applesauce at the supermarket, this was their favorite activity. Students brought a wide variety of apples from home and were able to core the apples and put them through an old-fashioned food mill after they were cooked. The finishing touches of sugar and cinnamon were added to make a tasty treat for snack time. The students also enjoyed science activities while making an apple growth chart, math activities of sorting, weighing and measuring their apples, and art activities including silly apple faces. Shown from left: Mrs. Anita Legge, Reese Tavella, Luke Gordon, and Eric Strish.