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Out going board members Jerry Orloski and Gene Mancini voted for Foster along with William Thomas, Norb Dotzel and Ken Malkemes. Directors Eric Aigeldinger, Maureen McGovern and Mike Marshall voted against the appointment. Director Randy Swank was absent.

Newly elected board member Joe Kaminski said, “This is nothing against Ms. Foster, I don’t know her at all.” Mrs. Sue Kaminski (Joe’s wife) is the secretary at Fairview Elementary.

Newly elected board member Ron Sturgeon’s wife Rose Sturgeon is an aide assigned to Fairview Elementary as well and also reports to Peg Foster. Sturgeon also took issue with the appointment that he did not know Foster personally but found her lack of clearances a violation of “protocol.”

Crestwood employees Sturgeon and Kaminski are members of the Crestwood Education Support Personnel Association. Rose Sturgeon is president of that union, and both are on their contract negotiating committee.

William Thomas was appointed to the Wilkes-Barre Technical Career Center (WBTCC) board. Thomas wife Cheryl is an employee at the WBTCC, a position he secured for her years ago.

Peg Foster’s appointment was made after applicants were interviewed earlier in the fall. The delay in taking the vote most likely was related to results from the recent school board election. For now the appointment stands. Foster is required to get the appropriate certifications for superintendent before she takes over the job.