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does not consider the number of eligible students in each district when apportioning representation.

Wilkes-Barre has 5 representatives for three high schools: Myers 945, GAR 841, and Coughlin 1018 students for a total of 2804 students.

Nanticoke has 2 representatives and a high school enrollment of 803.

Pittston has 2 representatives and a high school enrollment of 1010.

Hanover has one representative and a HS enrollment of 932 Crestwood has one representative and HS enrollment of 1019.

Dividing the enrollment numbers proportionately would give Wilkes-Barre Area no more than 3 representatives and each of the remaining 4 districts two representatives each to come up with the current number of board members at 11. This calculation is not part of Crestwood’s petition.

Articles of Agreement for the WBCTC Committee states that seats are based on US Census populations of the member districts. Wilkes-Barre has approximately twice as much population as Pittston. Crestwood, Nanticoke and Hanover have about a third. Three for Wilkes-Barre, two each for each of the other districts balances out the numbers.

Crestwood’s lawsuit seeks “a stronger voice on the committee” Gene Mancini, who will be leaving office at the end of his term in December 2015 has been Crestwood’s representative on the WBCTC Joint Operating Committee (JOC). William Thomas was voted into the position at the November 19, 2015 Crestwood Board Meeting.