Crestwood Lawsuit Seeks Additional Representation On WBACTC

Luzerne County Judge Michael B. Vough signed a court order Friday November 20 prohibiting the Greater Nanticoke School District from appointing a second member to the Wilkes-Barre Area Career and Technical Center (WBACTC) until the Crestwood School District’s petition for an injunction regarding the appointment is decided. A hearing on the Petition/Motion for a Preliminary Injunction on Crestwood’s September 2015 filing had been scheduled for Wednesday November 25, 2015. Atty. Charles Coslett, council for the WBACTC Joint Operating Committee (JOC) entered a request to postpone the hearing, which included Judge Vough ordering that Nanticoke cannot appoint two CTC representatives until the Crestwood case is heard. The new date for the hearing is Thursday December 10, 2015 at 2:00 p. m.

The WBACTC is an area vocational-technical school that provides students with career technical education.

Crestwood filed a petition in September asking for additional representation on the WBACTC board against four member districts based on their district’s 2010 Census figures.

Wilkes-Barre has a population of 59,879 and 5 representatives, Pittston has 27,837 and 2 representatives, Crestwood has 20,018 and one representative; Nanticoke has 2 representatives and 19,104 population; Hanover has one representative and 15,439 people. Crestwood is seeking one of the Nanticoke seats now that its population exceeds Nanticoke’s.

Two Nanticoke representatives to the WBACTC board have terms ending in December 2015. Robert Raineri also holds office of Treasurer of the JOC. Gary Smith is the second Nanticoke representative on the JOC board.

Although not part of Crestwood’s petition, enrollment numbers for each district’s high school, which may or may not include junior high, varies.

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