Resident Complaints Voiced At Wright Meeting

Wright Township supervisors heard complaints from two groups of residents at their Nov. 9 meeting. Half a dozen people who live in Brook Hollow voiced concerns with a longtime malfunctioning traffic light on Route 309 and another handful of neighbors asked the board to take action for what they call a nuisance property in Walden Park.

The traffic signal at the intersection of Route 309 and Crestwood Drive is “terribly dangerous,” resident Jill Dillon told the board.

The red light, for cars exiting Crestwood Drive, remains on for an extended time, she said, adding that, while she timed it, it stayed on as long as four minutes and 13 seconds. The green arrow, allowing cars to exit left onto Route 309, then came on for only five seconds, she said.

The extended red light causes cars and tractortrailers leaving the industrial park to illegally turn right on red, which is dangerous. Also, Dillon related, tractor trailers from the industrial park turning left know the green turning arrow is on for such a short period that they speed down the hill to make it through, and to avoid a four-minute red light.

Dillon went on that the painted lines at the intersection no longer exist. Vehicles, especially tractor trailers, sit beyond where it is safe –because they have no painted line to guide their stop –which has nearly caused collisions several times.

Board Chairman Donald Zampetti told Dillon that, as far as the painted lines, it is a county road so the township can’t fix the lines. He reported the line problem two years ago to the county and was told it wouldn’t be remedied because of liability issues. Zampetti then suggested that residents, rather than the township, call the county about this, as they may have more influence.

As far as the light timing, Zampetti said the police chief sat and timed the lights recently and saw the longest red was 45 seconds. This may be true, Dillon replied, but the chief must have sat at the intersection at a time when McDonald’s was busy. The restaurant, directly across the street, has a sensor that activates the light when cars are waiting to exit McDonald’s. But, she said, at times when no one is at the McDonald’s light, the sensor is not triggered.

Dillon repeated that the red light stays on for longer than four minutes.