St. Jude School

THANKSGIVING ACTIVITIES HELD AT ST. JUDE’S-Over the past few weeks, the 5-day PreKindergarten, 3-day PreKindergarten, and Kindergarten classes at St. Jude School were very busy preparing for their Thanksgiving celebration. Each student made a Pilgrim hat and collar, and an Indian headband, necklace, and vest. They also created “I am thankful” laminated placemats and enjoyed Thanksgiving stories and crafts in mixed class groups. The PreK students made larger-than-life size turkeys for the table decorations. The Kindergarten students decorated the walls of the cafeteria with Thanksgiving crosses in preparation for the feast. Honored guests at the feast were Fr. Jeff Tudgay and Deacon Gene Kovatch from St. Jude’s Parish, Principal Sr. Ellen Fischer, SCC, and several of the volunteer parents and grandparents who assist in the cafeteria. Shown, front from left: Cali Oravic, Lindsay Stec, Leah Brady, Neal DeAngelo, Zachary Sechleer, and Jaxon Jones. Row two: Leah Brady, Hannah Fauerbach, Lance Wrightnour, Bronson Gorka, Jillian Hoppe, Paul Thomas, Caleb Brownell, and Isla Centak. Row three: Quintin Sartori, Erin Cavanaugh, Mia Correll, Matt Rodgers, Carter Posten, Tommy Elick, and Dylan Januszewski. Back: Matthew Crowell, Lillie Nealon, Kira Millard, Piper Kleban-Harden, Holly Rodgers, and Landon Verni.