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produced and raised foods. Also, to draw in customers, an ugly sweater contest will be held to kick off the holiday season, with a gift card awarded to the winner.

Bill hopes that by generating attention to Small Business Saturday, other stores and trades in Mountain Top will be recognized and patronized. “As a small business owner, I am an avid supporter of small businesses and I encourage all of my family, friends, and clients to do so as well,” he said. “I believe that referring others to small business is high value when it comes to solidifying a reputation and gaining return customers.”

At Cavanaugh’s, he explained, customers “can get as good of a meal or better than at a chain for comparable prices and, they get a different atmosphere.” The difference between chain stores and restaurants and local establishments, he went on, is that the funds generated go to a CEO who makes millions, rather than to a local resident and his workers who will spend their wages in the community.

“If each of us spent $100 annually on local businesses instead of chain stores, it would generate an additional $3 billion annually into our economy,” Bill remarked. Last year, 88 million people across the country shopped on Small Business Saturday and an estimated $14.3 billion was generated.

He went on, “Small business is the heart and soul of your community. They are the people in your local congregation so your money stays local and gets reinvested in the community that makes it work.”

Cavanaugh’s, formerly known as the Mountain Top Hotel, is one of the oldest establishments in town. Bill, an accountant who took on Cavanaugh’s as a “hobby,” has been the owner for two years, a job he says he values.

“We understand how much hard work goes into operating a business,” he said. “Thankfully we have a great staff with longevity that each assist in taking on roles to operate the business and promote it.” Building a rapport with his customers helps build a foundation for community support which, he said, “is a great example of a true small business.”

In addition, Cavanaugh’s participates in many community causes, including Toys for Tots, sports fundraisers, book signings for local writers, the popular annual Pub Crawl, which patronizes most of the other small business bars and restaurants in Mountaintop, and the Rotary Club’s Taste of the Mountain.

Born and raised in Mountain Top, Bill concluded that he hopes all residents, when shopping for retail items, groceries, auto care, or looking for a place to eat, choose local places first.

“Focus more on the little people who are valued in the community and who aren’t just a number or line item when it comes to cutting cost and eliminating jobs,” he said. “The sustainability aspect is critical to ensure continuity of local business and the overall economy locally.”