Three New Members Elected To Crestwood School Board

The Crestwood School Board will have three new members when they are seated in the first week of December. Joseph Kaminski was the top vote getter with 2,276 votes in the General Election November 3, 2015. Former School Director Bill Jones won a seat with 2,107 votes and Ronald Sturgeon running on the Crestwood Community Coalition ticket was elected with 1,988 votes. Incumbents William Thomas got 2,120 votes and Kenneth Malkemes got 2,068 to win reelection to the board. A sixth candidate Al Miller was unsuccessful in his quest and got 1,722 votes.

Three municipalities had contested races for township supervisor and councilman. Rick Arnold was elected supervisor with 301 votes over Carl Smith, a current township auditor with 297, a four-vote spread.

Michael Marshall was elected Wright Township Supervisor with 592 votes. Marshall is leaving the Crestwood School board and is a retired Wright Township Patrolman. Incumbent Candace Smith garnered 502 votes.

Nuangola Borough Council elected three council members. Former secretary Carolyn Lauer joins the board getting approval from 102 voters. Incumbent councilperson Michelle Zawoiski was the top vote getter with 144 votes. Incumbent Ronald Kaiser was re-elected with 121 votes. Councilperson Ted Vancosky got 85 votes and will leave the board.

Supervisor Mike Iorio ran unopposed in Fairview and got 413 votes. Kevin Gallagher ran unopposed for supervisor in Dorrance and got 222 votes. Charles Herring was re-elected supervisor in Slocum with 147 votes.