Selection Of New Crestwood Superintendent Controversial

The Crestwood School Board of Directors selected a new superintendent at the November 19 meeting with a standing room only crowd in attendance and seemingly in opposition.

With the appointment of Fairview Elementary Principal Margaret Foster in the agenda, 3 directors-elect requested that the decision be delayed until the new officials are seated in December.

Joe Kaminski started the discussion asking why the ad for the new superintendent stated that any applicant should have required credentials in place by the date the hiring takes effect –January 1st.

He asked why the administration didn’t look at the other districts’ ads? “They had bullet points of the qualifications and skills the successful candidate would need for consideration,” Kaminski said.

“The new board starts next month and we will be working with this person for 4 years,” he added. “Can’t you just wait? I want to see how the 3 people leaving vote.”

Outgoing board President Jerry Orloski, replied, “What’s done is done.”

Joining Kaminski, were both directors-elect Ron Sturgeon and Bill Jones in opposing the appointment as the final act of a changing board. “What you’re doing is not right. This should have been held off for a few months,” Sturgeon said. “

This is nothing against Ms. Foster, I don’t know her at all.”

In questioning the board admitted that Foster’s “PA letter of eligibility,” needed for the position, is pending.