‘Get Lit’ Fundraiser November 28 To Support Triangle Christmas Decorations

The festivity of the Christmas season is coming to back to the Triangle! The Kiwanis Club is spearheading a joint effort to purchase new Christmas decorations for the central location of the Mountaintop community for residents to enjoy.

Many years ago, the pine trees across from the Triangle where South Main Road meets Route 309 and where Subway is now located, were decorated with lights and decorations to mark the holiday season. Over time, the bulbs burnt out, decorations became weathered and worn, and the trees have grown.

The tradition was lost until 2011 when two community members, Bernie O’Brien and Kevin Foley, decided to bring it back and approached John Augustine of the Kiwanis Club to help recreate the scene. They bought some new lights, the Wright Township Fire Department helped with the use of their ladder truck, and the Triangle was lit once again. The lights were short lived, however, as the harsh winter that year ruined many of them.

Undeterred, the group purchased some ground lighting the following year and enlisted the help of the Mountaintop Welcome Club and the Rotary Club who, according to Augustine, “jumped at the chance to help”.

“I remember my kids enjoying the scene,” said Augustine, who is now part of the Christmas/Holiday Lights Committee for Kiwanis. “It’s nice for people driving through the Triangle to see it decorated for Christmas.”

Augustine says that in the years since the initial revival of the tradition, the decorations have been beaten down by plows and harsh winters. So, this year, there is a “fun”draiser to defray the cost of new ones, including a giant Merry Christmas sign, a snowman, a Santa Clause with reindeer display, and LED lights that remain on a parallel circuit; meaning that they continue to stay lit even if one bulb burns out along the strand.

The fundraiser is called “Get Lit” and will be held on Saturday,