St. Paul’s Lutheran Church Slates Healing Service Dec. 2

St. Paul’s is a Family of Believers in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, committed to the fulfillment of the Word of God.

Sunday worship services are scheduled at 8:30 a. m. and 11:00 a. m.

Sunday Church School begins at 9:30 a. m.

Adult Gathering is also scheduled at 9:30 a. m.

Communion will be offered November 29th.

A Healing Service is scheduled December 2 at 11 a. m. with a Potluck Luncheon.

Once again, Catholic Social Services is asking that St. Paul’s to help make Christmas a little brighter for families in need. The cards with the children’s wishes will be available starting on November 22nd. These are only suggestions, you don’t have to buy all the items on the card. Please remember the gifts should be in the range of $25.00, and should be returned with the card and unwrapped in a bag. Store bags are okay. The gifts need to be returned by December 6th. Any question, please call Karen Ann Kowalczyk, 570-459-0501.

Bible Study continues every Thursday evening at 6 p. m. we continue to study Max Lucado’s, The Story. Our study has taken us through the Old Testament and we will begin our New Testament study shortly.

Every Monday afternoon at 2 p. m., we gather at Wright Manor in hopes of completing the New Testament. We have completed the Book of Titus and continue to move forward. Feel free to come out and join us!

The next meeting of the Yarn Spinners will be in January. There is no meeting in December. The group will continue to work on prayer shawls and baptismal blankets until the end of the year. If you would like to help, please let me know and I can supply the yarn. Also if anyone would like to learn to crochet, let me know and I will try to meet with you at your convenience.

Every third Wednesday, at 1:00 p. m. at the church will be Board Game Day. Please bring your favorite game and a snack to share.

Please remember that the first Sunday of each month has been declared “Food Bank Day” and we ask that members remember those less fortunate by bringing non-perishable food items in order to keep up with the demand for food. Other items currently needed are: coffee, peanut butter, jelly, dry soup, popcorn, canned soup, canned fruit, mayonnaise, tuna, canned pasta, canned tomatoes, broth, pasta and spaghetti, and tea.

St. Paul’s Office Hours are 8: 30 a. m. to 12:30 p. m. The number for the church office is 570-474-6616. Rev. Michele Kaufman can be reached at 570-443-0832.