Honors Recital

HONORS RECITAL-The NE PA Music Teachers Association held their annual Sutton Honors Recital at Wilkes University, Gies Recital Hall, on October 25. Students auditioned in September and were judged on performing 2 memorized pieces, and also took a written Theory test in order to qualify to perform at the Honors Recital.. Students receiving a superior received a gold medal, and an excellent received a silver medal. Certificates of Participation and Certificates of Proficiency were also presented. Members of NEPMTA whose students performed at the recital include: Laura Anderson, Andrea Bogusko, Pamela Carroll, Ray Cramer, Valerie Grabiec, Judith Katra, Denise Knox, Pat Koch, Elizabeth Martindale, Michele Millington, Narda Sperrazza, and Diane Shuleski. Performers, shown front from left: Max Weihbrecht, Maci Bulzoni, Christian Renfer, Samantha Renfer, Molly Grove, and Brady Mullin. Row 2: Jonathan Renfer, Cassandra Hintze, Stephen Renfer, Aubrey Macri, Elizabeth Cowgill, Nathan Thomas, and Patrick Branley. Row 3: Korina Cheng, Jennalyn Stuart, Brandon Renfer, Kevin Cheng, Charlotte Haggerty, Lilly Haggerty, and Nadia Saeed. Row 4: Abby Tirva, Olivia Sellers, Kiera Shibley, Jenna Vincenti, Isabel Lam, and Gwyn Cruz. Row 5: Michael Rodyushkin, Joyce Renfer, Izabella Chmil, and Katie Thomas. Row 6: Jack Leightcap, Philip Gristina, and Devon Carpenter.