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Gary Zane responded to a question on the township’s Per Capita tax, which is being dropped because Luzerne County will no longer assist municipalities with the billing. “Yes,” Zane confirmed. “That’s right. They won’t print the bills anymore. They are going to make us pay to print them and make us may to collect them.”

Instead, the township is making a “minor” increase in taxes, he explained. “On a $100,000 house we were getting $64 a year before, and now with this increase we’ll be getting $75 a year.”

Under new business, the supervisors voted to seek, “Local Share Assessment Fund (Gaming Funds) of Luzerne County.

“Patricia A. Davis will be the designated official to execute all documents. The total application amount will be $138,298 to purchase a 2016 Freightliner dump and plow truck. The township will contribute $18,298.” The motion passed unanimously.

The next meeting of the Dorrance Board of Supervisors is scheduled for Monday, December 14, at which time the budget will be considered for Final adoption.