Nuangola Cuts Sewer Fees To Council Member

Less than a week after a contentious local election, borough council members voted to reduce sewer fees to newly re-elected Michele Zawoiski, owner of the popular dog grooming business, Pretty Paws Too.

At the end of a lengthy November 10 meeting, helmed by lame-duck President John Kochan, Zawoiski asked for the floor. She stated that she was targeted for a double bill by unsuccessful council candidate Ted Vancosky, who currently serves as Treasurer of the Nuangola Sewer Authority.

Following a conflict with Vancosky over a borough zoning matter, she said, she started being charged double the $78 per month for sewer usage. She added that the sewer authority also wants her to pay a second tap in –or hook up -fee of $2,025 even though she has only one grinder pump on her property.

“My business is an in-home business. It’s not a separate building,” she said, yet she is being charged a second EDU cost. An EDU is a unit of measure equal to a single dwelling unit

Zawoiski also maintains a recycling system for the water she uses in her grooming business, keeping water usage consistent with the residential users around her property, and under the regulated levels in the sewer ordinance.

She concluded that she sought legal advice from her attorney Donald Karpowich and he showed her Section 9.07of the Nuangola sewer ordinance which grants council the power to enter into “special agreements” with property owners with respect to the user charge under special or “unusual circumstances.”

Borough Solicitor Jack Dean asked Councilor and Sewer Authority member Michael Johnson what the NBSA’s position is. “The reason it was charged,” Johnson stated,” is