No Tax Increase Reflected In 2016 Fairview Township Budget

Fairview Township’s budget for next year will be slightly less than this year’s budget and the tax rate will not increase. The board of supervisors announced this at its Nov. 3 meeting and said that the proposed budget is available for public review at the township secretary’s office, during office hours.

The official budget will be adopted at the Dec. 1 supervisors’ meeting. Fairview Township expects to spend $1,400, 741 next year; this year’s budget was $1,549,343.

Supervisor Michael Iorio, who was up for reelection and ran unopposed in the Nov. 3 election, commented that there was a tax increase the first year he was supervisor, six years ago, but taxes have then held steady for his last five years in office.

The board went on to schedule a public hearing for Dec. 1, to be held before the regular supervisors’ meeting, to discuss changes to the zoning law that the township attorney and zoning officer have been drafting. A public hearing will also be held that day to discuss amending the zoning map for property owned by Brian Bobeck and BDMK Holdings, at 44 North Mountain Boulevard.

Mountaintop Hose Company President David Hourigan reported the fire department answered 16 calls in October and visited schools for fire-prevention week. On Halloween, the fire department handed out 1,400 glow necklaces, he said, adding that this safety measure is “still wildly well received.”

Supervisor Robert Orloski reported the Fairview Police answered 167 calls in October, including six motor-vehicle accidents, and issued 11 traffic citations.

The township is preparing equipment for winter snow removal and has brought in a shipment of salt, stated Russ Marhold, board chairman and roadmaster. Ayers Towing, a company that has helped the township with snow plowing for 50 years, is no longer able because its insurance to do so has increased by 500 percent. Marhold remarked that he doesn’t foresee Ayers resignation as a problem for the township this year.