Dorrance Leaders Raise Taxes

Having completed major paving projects over the last 2 years with grant funds the Dorrance Township Board of Supervisors, in a meeting held on November 9th, offered a preliminary fiscal plan with a tax increase of .11 mills.

The increase reflects a blend of income and expenses totaling $816,343. This compares to the 2015 budget of $699,850.

This represents an increase of about 16% for next year and includes $100,000 in Community Development and $120,000 in Local Share gaming grants. Paving projects had been earmarked for these funding sources in 2014 and 15.

In 2016 Liquid Fuels funds amounting to $121,643 will be combined with carry-over dollars to total $136,000 for road project materials, equipment and street light costs. A Community Development project improved about one mile of the township’s St. Mary’s Road previously and over $200,000 in gaming funds were used to resurface about the same length of the township’s heavily utilized Prospect Road.

Beyond the grant income, general fund expenses are marked at $460,343 with Highway costs dominating the roster at $118,000, followed by insurance expenses pegged at $115,000. This item was brought home in the meeting with an agenda item stating, “The townships liability insurance will be increased $7,000 in 2016 due to the lawsuits. This is an increase of $12,000 in the last 2 years. The cost of the policy is now $30,000.”

Under questioning, the board informed residents that legal representation in filed actions is handled by insurance appointed attorneys, not the township solicitor. It was reported that one suit dates back to an issue with the recycling center which opened over 7 years ago. Some had more current subjects including planning and zoning matters.

Secretary Patricia Davis reported that in the five years she has been township secretary/treasurer, only one suit has been settled and that one was dropped by the complainant.

Relating to budget costs, Chairman