Welcome Club Collaborates On Efforts For New Mountain Top Sign
NEW MOUNTAIN TOP SIGN-This new Mountain Top sign and the flower box surrounding it, at the Triangle intersection, was installed by the Mountain Top Garden Club, with the help of several community organizations. From left are: Kathy Bratton, Mountain Top Garden Club beautification chairperson; Michelle Reilly, Mountain Top Rotary Club President; Katie Larsen-Lick, Mountain Top on the Move Vice President; Pam McGovern, Welcome Club President; Allison Latagliato, Mountain Top Kiwanis Club member; and Russ Marhold, Fairview Township Supervisor. Rice Township Supervisor Bob Pipech and Valley Petroleum Citgo gas station owner Monal Patel, also contributed to the sign.

Members of the Mountain Top Garden Club, for the first time collaborating with other community organizations, installed a new sign at the Triangle intersection that identifies the town they love.

“We kind of wanted to advertise the area and this was a central location for Mountain Top,” related Kathy Bratton, the Garden Club’s beautification chairperson.

The club began making plans for the new sign in April and was eagerly helped by several local organizations. They include Mountain Top on the Move, the Mountain Top Rotary Club, The Mountain Top Kiwanis Club, and the Mountain Top Welcome Club. Supervisors from Fairview and Rice townships also contributed to the cost of the sign.

The Mountain Top sign, which cost $1,800, sits within a large planter box encased with thick cement blocks. Decorative shrubbery and yellow and burgundy mums fill the box now, and garden club members have planted daffodil bulbs which will bloom in the spring.

“We wanted to put it at a spot that was pretty to look at and is seen by everyone on Route 309,” remarked Kathy. As she and members of the contributing clubs posed for a picture by the sign last week, drivers of several cars and trucks passed by, honking their horns and waving at the group.

The Garden Club is grateful to Monal Patel, owner of Valley Petroleum Citgo gas station for allowing the sign on the property, as well as Fairview Zoning Officer John Doddo who approved the sign design and location, Kathy said.

“One of our goals is to try to beautify Mountain Top,” she stated of the Garden Club, which has 30 members and has been around for four years. The Garden Club maintains seven gardens in town, including the one surrounding the new sign.

Other gardens the group has planted and sustains are at the municipal buildings for Fairview, Rice, and Wright townships and at Fairview’s Memorial Park.

“We have a great group of ladies,” Kathy continued. “It’s fun to meet with them. They love to share their love of gardening and they love making the area nicer for the residents.”