Options Available To Honor Veterans

Sen. Lisa Baker (R-20) is reminding motorists there are multiple ways to support the brave military men and women who have served our country.

For the past several years, the Honoring Our Veterans license plate has been available to those wishing to show their patriotism. And last month, a motorcycle plate was put into production. Each costs $35, and $15 of the fee goes directly to helping veterans in need through the Veterans Trust Fund. Individuals can also make a $3.00 donation through a voluntary check-off on their driver’s license and vehicle registration renewals.

“The money received through these programs pays for food, utilities, housing, health care and other necessities of life,” Baker said. “More than $2.8 million has been raised so far, with nearly $500,000 in grants distributed this year.”

Baker added that veterans have additional options to mark their service. A special designation is available on driver’s licenses and Photo ID cards and includes an American flag graphic with the word “veteran” printed underneath. There are also numerous military registration plates and special organizations plates commemorating unique or distinguished service.

To learn more contact one of Sen. Baker’s offices, or go to: http://www.dmv.pa.gov/Information-Centers/Military-Veterans/Pages/ MilitaryPersonnelVeterans. aspx