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Residents also aired complaints regarding the 2016 Gypsy Moth Spraying Program. A Wilderness Estates resident told the board he received a letter from the county stating his cost for gypsy moth spraying next year in the amount of $6,710 which appears to the cost of his entire development of approximately 40 lots, not his individual property. A check is to be remitted by November 15. Other residents complained of receiving similar exorbitant bills.

Stein noted the county is not taking responsibility; they are the intermediary between the state and residents.

Thomas explained the appropriation from the state is 80% and 20% from the county from residents owning properties in the spraying program. Now that Rice Township is a member of the Mountaintop COG, she remarked maybe they can get a discount. She pointed out Nuangola Borough took it upon themselves to hire a contractor to spray last year. “Maybe we should start thinking contingency,” she added.

Supervisor Miller Stella said, “The county should pay for everything.”

Under committee reports, Chief Bob Franks reported his department received 282 calls in October that included two criminal arrests, seven traffic citations, five non-traffic citations and one accident.

The Zoning Officer’s report stated permits were issued for four political signs and one new home for a total of $350 in fees. Sign permit fees are refundable if signs are removed by December 3. A written complaint was received relating to “over-sized” signs. The Zoning Officer found that the current Rice Township Zoning Ordinance does not include a specific description for “Political Signs” and did not issue a Notice of Violation. The permit holder, Rick Arnold, was notified of the complaint.

The Township Leaf Collection program will end Friday, November 13. Leaves only must be placed in Clear plastic bags. Leaves may be brought to the Mountain Top COG after the pickup period ends, and a COG permit is required. The township secretary issues COG permits at a cost of $10. The COG will be closed after November 28th. So far this year, 710 bags have been picked up.

At the conclusion of the meeting, Thomas congratulated Rick Arnold on his election to the Board of Supervisors and his opponent Carl Smith for his candidacy in November election and thanked the voters of Rice Township who came out to cast their ballots.