Ice Lakes Drainage Problem, Gypsy Moth Spraying Topics At Rice Meeting

A discussion on the Upper Ice Lakes drainage problem dominated the November 4 meeting of the Rice Township Board of Supervisors.

Ice Lakes residents in attendance expressed their dissatisfaction with the lack of action to repair a damaged discharge pipe which sits below the spillway of the dam.

At the board’s October 6 meeting, township engineer Andy Pasonick explained that DEP visited the Upper Ice Lakes and determined there is no catastrophic failure or public safety concern. DEP recommends waiting for the lake to drain naturally below the pipe level before repairs are made which may not be until next summer. The leak has caused the lake level to drop significantly over the past three months. Pasonick’s firm has been working a plan to submit to DEP.

Board chair Marcia Thomas informed the residents that the engineer’s plan is not complete, explaining Pasonick looked into it and estimated general costs but bids need to be drafted and the impact of the weather will be a factor. Thomas noted it has been rainy and winter is coming; it will probably be at least January before bids can be awarded.

Ice Lakes resident Marty Wentz said, “We talk about things but nobody does anything. There are no action items.” Wentz demanded the township contact DEP to meet with residents.

The board agreed to direct township secretary Alicia Steir to write a letter to DEP requesting a meeting with Ice Lake residents.