Mountain Top Eagle Has Landed
PATRIOTIC DISPLAY-An American Eagle statute is on display in Mountaintop at the Mentykas.

The Mountian Top Eagle has landed....

It was a surprise birthday gift from my family in May 2014 and, finally, it was proudly displayed in May of 2015.

It was a joint effort between family and a “great” neighbor to get it mounted. Just getting a “Colonel Freedom” to Mountain Top was a huge accomplishment in itself, but with the help of brothers Bob and Ron Dopko and Ron Dopko, Jr., they got it home to 25 Crestwood Drive.

Then came the skillful planning and mounting of the eagle by brother Bob and neighbor Ron Baratta.

The challenge was completed and complimented by a carefully installed brick surrounding.

The final enhancement was the placing of two American flags around the symbol that so proudly represents the United States of America. We are, with the utmost of pride, proud to be Americans.