St. Paul’s Church To Celebrate Festival of All Saints November 1

The Congregation of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church of Mountain Topencourages you to join them for worship this week.

Worship times are 8:30 a. m. and 11a.m.

Office Hours are 8:30 a. m. to 12:30 p. m. Monday to Friday.

A Healing Service is scheduled Wednesday, October 28th at 11 a. m. A Potluck Luncheon follows at noon.

On Sunday, November 1st we will celebrate the Festival of All Saints. It is an opportunity to pause and remember all those who have passed away in this last year. During the service, the names of those who have passed away since November 1st of last year are recognized.

Bible Study has never been as easy and fun as it is on Thursday evenings when we gather together and discuss Max Lucado’s The Story. Each week we gather at 6 p. m. to reflect on the week’s reading and apply those stories to everyday life.

For those who prefer, the afternoon Bible Study group meets every Monday afternoon at the Mountaintop Senior Center at 2 p. m. at Wright Manor on 460 S. Main Road. We are currently reading the Book of 2nd Timothy. All are welcome!

Every third Wednesday at 1 p. m. at the church will be Board Game Day. Please bring your favorite game and a snack to share.

The following meetings are scheduled weekly: Weight Watchers Wednesday at 6:15 p. m., AA Meetings Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 7 p. m., NA Meetings: Thursday at 6 p. m., and a Stress and Anxiety Management support group meets every 2nd and last Tuesday of the month at 6:30 p. m.

The Church Office number is 474-6616. Rev. Michele Kaufman can be reached at 443-0832.

St. Paul’s is now on facebook. Visit us at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, Mountain Top, PA and keep in touch with upcoming events.