FIRE SAFETY AT MONTESSORI-The Wyoming Valley Montessori School (WVMS) lower elementary school class was recently hosted by the Kingston / Forty Fort Fire Department at Fire Headquarters Station at 600 Wyoming Avenue, Kingston. Students were treated to a program that demonstrated fire prevention and home escape techniques along with other fire safety techniques such as Stop, Drop and Roll. Utilizing the Fire Safety House students were able to practice these techniques in a realistic setting which utilized electronically-operated smoke detectors and non toxic smoke that recreates the effect of a fire. Fireman Floyd Young coordinated the program for the Montessori students. Shown, front from left: Olivia Deluca, Alexis Worrall, Haley Jacob, Emma Murphy, Neno Capozucca, Rich Kostoff, Josie Carpenter, Lucas Runde, Noel Marsico, Aubrey Fisher, and Levi Nordstrom, Drums. Row two: Elizabeth Mantush, Amelia Belanger, Mountain Top, Kyla Kon, Jayce Decker, Meredith Walting, Ryan Murray, Brendan Fives-Coburn, Reece Fisher, Dylan Harrison, Dallas, Cora Jones, Mateo Runde, Cata Campos, Shakinah Bhatti. Back: Kara Taylor, Teacher, Gabby Williams, Firefighter, and Kim Dolhon, Teacher.