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ranging deleterious opinions. He also included criticism of the impact of the quarry production on the landscape and he expressed concerns as to long term impact to the area’s water resources.

Atty. Karpowich noted that the township had conducted the required annual inspection of the quarry. This yearly review was a mandate based on the Conditional Use approval. He said that several deficiencies were noted during the inspection and a written report will be supplied to the company.

Later the board heard objections to clauses in the zoning ordinance that relate to a current zoning hearing considering a requested variance for resident Richard Smith at the corner of Blue Ridge Trail and St. Mary’s Road. Mr. Smith requested a permit for an 8 foot fence where his property meets JL Market, but the request was denied because that height fence is restricted to properties in business usage. Zane explained that the zoning hearing board continued the hearing and their decision was pending.

The board approved an extension to Act Truck and Trailer Land Development Plan. The project is awaiting PennDOT approvals for a highway access permit.

In addition, it was agreed to appoint a CPA to conduct the audit of the 2015 township books.

Roadmaster Todd Badman reported that pothole patching and gravel road repairs are continuing as long as weather permits. The trucks are being readied for the winter storm season and materials have already been stockpiled.