Dorrance Leaders Hear Zoning Complaints

At their October 12th session Dorrance Chairman Gary Zane and Supervisor Bill Wengrzynek fielded hostile comments regarding zoning enforcement.

First to the podium was Kevin Casey of Small Mountain Road. Casey asked, “Is anybody aware of anything we have regarding landfills?”

Township Solicitor Donald Karpowich replied, “The zoning ordinance… It covers solid waste facilities.”

Casey responded, “Okay, because when Pennsy is done, you know what’s going to be there next? A landfill.” Casey was referring to the Small Mountain Quarry, which was approved for expansion of the rock quarry after a series of eight lengthy Conditional Use hearings conducted by the board in 2012.

Atty. Karpowich said that he will review the ordinance in that respect, “But I don’t think that was what anybody envisioned for it to look like after its productive life.”

“Well, they said that the site would be suitable for a business after they are done,” Casey answered. “And the only business that’s going to be in a deep hole that I know of is a landfill.” He noted that he believes that the township revised the zoning ordinance to the advantage of the quarry, “You accommodated Pennsy Supply, that’s the bottom line.”

“That is not the way it happened,” Zane insisted.

Adding his comments on the issue was Joseph Chalawick from Blue Ridge Trail, who offered broad-