Join Members Of St. Paul’s Church On Trip To ‘Splendors Of Vatican’ Exhibition

You are invited to consider joining members of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church as they travel to the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia to experience the exhibition “Splendors of the Vatican” and the opportunity to view the movie “Jerusalem.”

Experience 2,000 years of Vatican history at The Franklin Institute. See more than 200 works of art and historically significant objects that together form a great mosaic of the history of the Church and its impact on art, history, and culture. From the sights and sounds of the grand Basilica to a touchable cast of Saint John Paul II’s hand, embark on a journey through the ages of artistic expression and religious iconography.

Vatican Splendors includes many artifacts which have never left Vatican City. The collection is composed of renaissance art along with work from the baroque period. The 11 galleries walk you through the history of Christianity focusing on the Catholic Church and the amazing religious art that came out of Rome. An impressive focus in the exhibition is on the Basilica of which Michelangelo and Bernini were key contributors.

Prior to the special exhibit we have arranged to see the movie “Jerusalem”. National Geographic’s Jerusalem takes you on a journey into the ancient city that’s been beloved by people of so many different religious faiths. Narrated by Benedict Cumberbatch, Jerusalem gives you a first-hand perspective of the land’s iconic sites, from its ancient valleys to its vibrant neighborhoods and beyond.

Embark on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land and transport yourself across the globe to important spiritual landmarks. Experience the outstanding views of Old City Jerusalem, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, and the ancient city of Galilee. Along your journey, take part in ancient and modern traditions including walking the Via Dolorosa and the Miracle of Holy Fire ceremony.

Archaeologist Dr. Jodi Magness takes you on an underground journey to explore ancient mysteries, such as why Jerusalem has become the center for three major religions and what has made it so important to so many cultures. Jerusalem showcases the iconic city through the eyes of three teenagers –one Jewish, one

Christian, and one Muslim –as they share what they do in Jerusalem and why the city is important to them. The Jerusalem movie strives to illustrate the significant and reverent impact that this holy land has on Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Filmed for the first time in IMAX, Jerusalem immerses audiences into one of the world’s most beloved cities. This eye-opening documentary features exclusive footage taken from filmmakers who were granted special access to holy sites and little-known parts of the city.

The trip is scheduled Thurs., November 19th, leaving at about 12:30 p. m. The cost for adults is $55; youth $37. Please contact the church office at 570-474-6616 for more information or send your reservations to St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, 316 S. Mountain Blvd., Mountaintop , Pa.. 18707. Join us for this once in a lifetime event.