Police Report

On October 12, 2015 at approximately 8:07 p. m., Officer Joshua Deets of the Wright Township Police Department was dispatched to the report of multiple vehicles broken into at PUSH Fitness, 369, S. Mountain Blvd., Mountaintop.

Officer Deets arrived and spoke with one of the victims, Renee Bechetti, 65, Sweet Valley, who stated that while she was in class at PUSH Fitness, and an unknown suspect broke into her car and stole her black “DG” purse containing her driver’s license, badge for work, PNC debit card, one credit card and blood pressure medication. Bechetti was unsure at the time if any other items had been taken from her vehicle along with her purse.

The officer observed that the front passenger side window of Bechetti’s vehicle had been smashed out. Bechetti stated that her purse had been sitting on her front passenger seat when she went inside the building for class. Bechetti stated her class was over at 8 p. m. and that she discovered the theft immediately after she left. The officer took photos of Bechetti’s vehicle.

The officer then spoke with the second victim complainant, Mary Price, 39, Moutnaintop, who stated that her vehicle was also broken into while she was in class at PUSH Fitness. Price stated that her red Michael Kors purse containing a pair of black gloves, her wallet, $2 cash and various change, multiple credit cards, her driver’s license and a key for her other vehicle was sitting on the front passenger seat when she went into the building for class. The front passenger side window of Price’s vehicle was smashed out. The officer also took photos of Price’s vehicle. Price stated she arrived for class at 6:45 p. m. and discovered the theft the same as Bechetti. At the time, Price was unsure if there were any other items taken from her vehicle along with her purse but stated she would make a detailed list of stolen items.

The officer advised both victims to cancel any credit cards and dedit cards that were stolen and to notify the officer if there is any activity on any of the cards.

The officer spoke to the owner of the building, Jason DeSousa, Mountaintop, who was also on the scene. DeSousa stated that he left PUSH Fitness around 7 p. m. and returned at about 7:35 p. m. but did not notice the broken windows or anyone in the parking lot.

Cpl. Dennis Monk spoke to Eric Kline, Mountaintop, who stated that he arrived at PUSH Fitness at 7:35 p. m. to switch cars with his wife whose car was parked near the victims’ vehicles. He did not see any broken windows on the vehicle at that time. No other vehicles in the parking lot were broken into or appeared to have been tampered with.

The investigation is continuing. Wright Police Chief Royce Engler

stresses that residents should not leave valuables in their vehicles.