Feast of St. Francis

FEAST OF ST. FRANCIS OBSERVED AT ST. JUDE’S-The celebration of the Feast of St. Francis is always a special day for the students in St. Jude School PreKindergarten and Kindergarten classes. Deacon Gene Kovatch, Pastoral Outreach at St. Jude Parish, visited the students and led the celebration. He spoke to the students about the life of St. Francis –how he fed and clothed needy children, how he loved to pray, and how the animals loved him because he was so kind and gentle. Deacon Gene blessed the students, encouraged them to follow the example of St. Francis, and assisted them in using holy water to bless stuffed animals that they had brought from home. Members of the PreKindergarten class, shown front from left: Leah Smith, Isla Centak, Quintin Sartori, Lance Wrightnour, Jaxon Jones, Paul Thomas, Bronson Gorka, and Mia Rose Correll. Row two: Holly Rogers, Neal DeAngelo, Cali Oravic, Leah Brady, Piper Kleban-Harden, Carter Posten, Lillie Nealon, Caleb Brownell, Zachary Sechleer, Matt Rogers, and Tommy Elick. Back: Erin Cavanaugh, Dylan Januszsewski, Lindsay Stec, Kira Millard, Sophia Kurlandski, Kovatch, Jillian Hoppe, Hannah Fauerbach, and Landon Verni.