Color Me Calm! Nov. 4 At MSK Library

Looking for a new way to unwind and relieve stress? Recently adults across the country and in Europe have joined the growing trend of coloring as a relaxation technique. Doctors have known about these benefits since the early 1900s. Psychiatrist Carl Jung, the founder of psychology, prescribed coloring to his patients to calm and center their minds. Coloring in not just for kids anymore!

Adults are invited enjoy a relaxing hour of coloring and creativity while exercising fine motor skills and stimulating the brain. Join us on Wednesday, November 4 at 6:30 p. m. to color your way to a state of calmness. Coloring sheets, crayons, markers, and pencils will be available to use or you can bring your own.

If there is enough interest, the Color Me Calm! program may be scheduled on a regular basis. Register at the Circulation Desk of the Library at 35 Kirby Ave., Mountaintop or call 570-474-9313. Please note that this program is for adults only.