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customers sent her cards, gifts, money, and food.

“I never expected all of that,” she said, smiling. “We are more than a work-out place; it’s like a family here.”

Being away from PUSH as she recovered was difficult for Nanci. “It was hard not being able to work out, that was the hardest thing ever,” she said, adding that, when she visited the studio, “I wanted to run up on the stage and teach.”

And, as she slowly recovered and was able to come back, Nanci created a new fitness program, a low-impact class for those recovering from injuries or who can’t keep up with a fast-paced workout.

“It was the greatest thing we ever did,” she related. “We had a whole group of people that wanted it…It’s 45 minutes, no jumping, just easy, easy simple dance steps. We dance with one-to three-pound weights… We do a standing core workout, nothing lying down.”

The new program has helped Nanci recover from her surgeries, as well as boosted her spirits as she’s back to instructing. Nanci spoke of clients at PUSH who are surprised to hear what she went through. “People say to me, ‘You’re always so smiley,’” Nanci remarked. “I just say, ‘I’m so happy to be here.’”

Being a cancer survivor, Jason has always had the attitude of appreciating life and not getting upset over small things, his wife said. Now, Nanci went on, she finally understands his outlook on life.

“I look at my children a little longer. I enjoy those 45-minute classes more…”she related.

Many women who work out at PUSH have begun telling Nanci that, because of her story, they’ve gone for mammograms. She stressed the importance for women to get checked. The cancer cells that caused a lump in her breast were so close to the bone that she would never be able to feel it doing a self exam at home, she said.

“If I didn’t go for that mammogram, I wouldn’t have known,” she repeated. “Thank God I went.”