Citations Pending For Nuangola Residents

President John Kochan returned after a several month absence to helm Nuangola’s October 13 session where council authorized the citation of property owners for non-compliance with their sewer authority.

Under the mandatory sewer hookup ordinance, Council –not the borough’s sewer authority –has to bring properties into compliance using methods up to and including legal action against their own residents.

Councilman Michael Johnson sits on the sewer authority and he reported, “I hand delivered to council a letter addressed to property owners not connected to the Nuangola Borough sewer system. There are 12 and their names and addresses are listed. I also enclosed a property profile from the courthouse online.”

“The report is not all inclusive; there are still 5 or 6 other properties where we are still working with the owners in hooking up or in signing up for a USDA grant and we are awaiting the outcome of those grants.”

Borough Solicitor Jack Dean advised council to offer a motion authorizing him to commence litigation. The motion was made by Johnson and seconded by Ron Kaiser.

Staying with sewer issues, Vice President and Roadmaster Joseph Tucker asked council and the solicitor to review a Road Cut ordinance which was drafted in 2012, but never adopted. The legislation is essential, Tucker said, because new connections to the sewer system have to be conducted under close regulation and inspections. “We have 2 more connecting –one in the very near future. So, we have to have this place,” he noted, in order to ensure that the connection and subsequent road restoration is done properly.

Johnson added that the borough acquired an ‘as built’ set of sewer plans from Quad3, the plan’s engineer, in order to accurately locate connections for new construction. He said that the first connection made since the project was completed cost the property owners about $13,000. “The directional drill was a fine thing when it was installed. Now to try to find the sewer main is kind like a roll of the dice. They don’t know where it is. Compared to the original specs, it can be off a foot or 2.”

“Or 6 or 8 feet,” Tucker confirmed dryly.

Atty. Dean affirmed of the Road Cut ordinance, “We drafted this and I am asking council to review this and send me any comments as soon as possible. After I get your comments, if you authorize me, I’ll advertise this