Crestwood Reaches Tentative Settlement Of Teacher’s Contract

Human Resources Committee Chair Gene Mancini announced the tentative settlement of the Crestwood teachers contract at the Crestwood School Board’s regular monthly meeting Thursday October 15. “I’d like to make a motion to accept a tentative contract between the Crestwood School District and the Crestwood Education Association, reached at about 8:30 last night,” announced Mancini who is the school board’s chief negotiator.

“The terms will not be released at this time,” Mancini said, “until the Education Association votes, but I motion for the adoption of the tentative contract.”

When questioned as to the timeline of the process, Jerry Orloski reminded, “We’ve been negotiating since November.”

“This was discussed during the Executive Session,” Mancini informed. The session was held immediately prior to the meeting. The motion was seconded by Norb Dotzel. The roll call vote was unanimous.

Crestwood Scores High

Attendees at the school board meeting were given an analysis of the results of state testing results relative to Fairview and Rice Elementary and Middle School students by Assistant to the Superintendent Brian Waite. The board, led by President Jerry

Orloski, heard from Superintendent David McLaughlin-Smith that he had asked Waite to prepare a report on the status of Crestwood students in standardized tests.

“A lot of this has been released, but I think it’s good to hear it again,” Waite stated. “We know that our PSSA testing is out –it’s new; it’ different and it’s aligned to new standards. Across the state there have been drops in grades 3 through 8.”

Waite offered a visual display showing testing results, for instance: Fairview -English Language Arts, 76.1; state average 59.9; Mathematics, 67 points, state 39.7; Science 95.7, state average 67.9.

Similarly, Waite reported Rice Elementary student fared very well with results of English Language Arts, 79.7; Mathematics, 60.4 points; Science 94.

The following slides progressed through the Middle School measurements and then Waite provided a breakdown of SAT scores for Crestwood, state level and US statistics.

The presentation concluded with a summary stating, “The Crestwood