CHS Stickgals Defeat Berwick, GAR

Crestwood beat Berwick 14-1 in Field Hockey September 28. Crestwood scored 13 goals in the first half adding an additional tally in the second.

Crestwood’s first half goals were scored by Jordan Olenginski 28:49 from Lizzy Dessoye; Dessoye 25:41 unassisted; Ashleigh Thomas 22:23 unassisted; Hannah Ackers 22:13 unassisted; Sarah Macko 21:32 unassisted; Lauren Rowski 20:14 from Thomas; Dessoye 18:45 from Hannah Ackers; Thomas 17:36 from Jordan Olenginski; Mackenzie Kile 15:48 from Ashleigh Thomas; Katie Karpinski 12:12 from Kile; Gwyn Shermanski 3:36 unassisted; Arden Morgans 1:52 from Morghan Murphy; and Nicole Paranich 2:41 from Shermanski;

Second Half -Sammie Starr (Ber) 5:59 from Liz Isenberg; Abby Zaleppa 1:15 from Brianna Hischak.

Crestwood had 44 shots to Berwick’s 4. Crestwood had 6 corners to Berwick’s 3.

The Lady Comets blanked GAR 10-1 on Wednesday September First half goals were scored by Thomas 27:48 unassisted; Jordan Olenginski 26:56 from Kile; Hunter Pitman 13:57; Kile 10:07 from Ackers; Pitman 3:23 from Cara Jarmiolowski; Nicole Paranich :08 from Macko. Second Half goals were from Jaclyn Cavanaugh 28:13 stroke; Pitman 26:11 from Shermanski; Morghan Murphy 24:21 unassisted; and Abby Zaleppa 3:38 unassisted.

Crestwood had 39 shots on goal to GAR’s 12. The winners also had 12 corners and 2 saves.