Allison Latagliata New Director At Marian Sutherland Kirby Library
NEW LIBRARY DIRECTOR-Allison Latagliata, new director of the Marian Sutherland Kirby Library, has always loved reading and books. She is new to Mountaintop and looks forward to meeting members of the community and overseeing the library’s upcoming fall programs.

Allison Latagliata has always loved reading and being of service to people. Recently hired as the Marian Sutherland Kirby Library’s new director, she’s excited to meet the people of Mountain Top and share her passion for books.

“Things are going well so far,” she said of her new job, which she’s had for a month. “I think I’m adjusting well and everyone here’s been helping me out.”

Allison is from western Pennsylvania, about an hour north of Pittsburgh. There, she worked at libraries as a reference clerk and as a circulation clerk. She graduated from Clarion University of Pennsylvania with degrees in education and library science, and she recently received her master’s degree in library science.

Allison had a friend from college, who ended up working at the Kirby Library, who told her of the job opening here. “She knew I was looking and she thought of me,” Allison related. She applied, got the job, and moved across the state. So far, she’s enjoying living in Northeast Pa, she said.

Growing up, Allison always loved to read. Her favorite book as a child was Rainbow Fish, by Marcus Pfister. It’s a simple story of a beautiful fish who learns to make friends and share. Still her favorite, Allison recommends the book to young patrons of the library.

As an adolescent, she related she spent a lot of time at the library. If she wasn’t reading, she was volunteering with different library programs. Through middle school and high school, she recalled, she served on a teen advisory board at her town’s library. In addition, she worked as an aide in her high school library.

“So, I was always involved in library happenings in some way,” Allison remarked. “And I’ve always liked helping people, so this seemed like a good job for me.”

As library director, Allison oversees a staff of four, as well as the many volunteers who work